“As business becomes more complex, it becomes more difficult for executives to adequately understand the opportunities and risks posed by the legal environment… People have to make many judgement calls without the benefit of legal counsel. Good managers need a highly tuned sense of how much risk is out there.”

-John Akula, Senior lecturer in Law at MIT Sloan School of Management

I’m Dani fontanesi, Esq.

A seasoned corporate and tech attorney helping other attorneys, executives, and business leaders develop legal literacy and proficiency in the business and tech space.

Legal Literacy for Executives

Increase your legal literacy and gain a fundamental understanding of critical legal issues in the business context

Tech Law for Attorneys

Gain a fundamental understanding of tech law matters, from IP licensing to data protection and privacy laws to security considerations and legal issues specific to ARR and subscription-based payment models

Dani’s Client’s Are Backed By The Best

Executive Membership

Join an exclusive mentorship program providing business leaders and exeuctives with critical legal skills

Attorney Membership

Join an exclusive mentorship program designed for attorneys looking to expand into, or grow their practice in, the tech space

Founders & CEOs

Join an exclusive mentorship program providing founders and CEOs with critical legal skills that every business leader needs, including how to use legal advice and manage lawyers effectively

Sales Teams

Join an exclusive mentorship program providing sales teams with critical negotiating skills and a fundamental understanding of legal considerations applicable to the tech space

The Importance of Legal Literacy for CEOs and Executives

“Given the importance of law, it is perhaps little surprise that nearly 20% of Forbes 50 companies had lawyers as CEOs in 2010, triple the number in 2000 – and the trend appears to be increasing. But that still leaves some 80% of CEOs, and vastly more senior executives who do not have legal expertise.”

-John Akula, Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management

Legal Literacy for Business Leaders

“Effective leaders need to be able to make informed, strategic decisions that meet organizational objectives and implement the appropriate preventative measures to mitigate risk. An essential understanding of the legal landscape will help you recognize high-risk corporate behavior, while providing certainty and stability, and serving as a mechanism to resolve disputes.”

– Northwestern Kellogg Executive Education Program Description

What Does The Membership Include?

Each membership includes group or one-on-one coaching with Dani Fontanesi, as well as access to a private community where you can access legal resources, ask questions, chat with other group members (privately or through the community discussion boards), engage directly with Dani and her team during normal business hours (PST), attend live office hours, and more!   

1. Personal coaching with Dani Fontanesi.

Want to dive deeper and accelerate your legal literacy? Each membership includes group or one-on-one coaching with Dani where you can expand your understanding of the legal issues applicable to all businesses, with a specific emphasis on tech companies.

2. Access to Dani and her team EVERY DAY during normal business hours (PST) via private (or group) messaging.

Have a question during normal business hours?  Reach out to Dani and her team anytime through our private messaging channel.

3. Access to live weekly office hours with Dani and her team.

Want to talk through a specific scenario that’s popped up at work? Talk through it live with Dani in private or group office hours.

4. Access to discussion boards and private chat groups with other members.

Want to run a question by your peers?  Pop it into the group discussion board, or reach out to a specific member directly through private messaging.

5. Access to a curated selection of legal tools and resources.

Need a contract template, a contract playbook, or another legal resource? Browse through a curated collection of legal tools and resources and choose what you need.

Is This Program Right For Me?

Legal / Procurement

If you’re an attorney, contracts manager, legal ops or procurement specialist, this program is designed to sharpen your legal and contract negotiation skills.

More Details

Learn how to:

  • Negotiate contracts like a seasoned attorney
  • Create a contract playbook tailored to your company’s specific business needs
  • Understand key contract terms and why they matter
  • Redline contracts using industry best practices and redlining etiquette
  • Use our clause library to redline contracts quickly and effectively
  • Understand industry standards and risks specific to tech contracts and other vendor agreements.


Executives & Leaders

If you’re an executive, founder, CEO, or business leader, this program is designed to provide you with the legal tools to make informed, strategic decisions while understanding how to use legal counsel effectively.

More Details

Learn how to:

  • Understand and manage your legal risks proactively
  • Weigh legal risks against business benefits to make informed, strategic decisions
  • Understand the legal and regulatory landscape of your business
  • Save (tens of) thousands of dollars in legal fees by managing legal counsel effectively and efficiently
  • Understand when and how to use legal counsel and when to handle matters internally 


Sales Teams

If you’re a sales leader, account executive, deal desk manager, or if your job involves negotiating deals or getting contracts closed, this program is designed to enable you to get ahead of common bottlenecks and close deals faster and more effectively.

More Details

Learn how to:

  • Understand the legal landscape of your industry
  • Speak about legal risk relating to common negotiation points from an informed  perspective 
  • Get ahead of common pushbacks and deal breakers in contract negotiations
  • Work with your business champion to get through common legal blockers efficiently
  • Work with your legal counsel or contracts manager effectively to speed up deal flow


Each program above is 10 weeks


Dani Fontanesi is a well-reputed Silicon Valley attorney representing early stage founders and startups. Her clients include Series A through Series C startups that are backed by some of the top investors in the world — Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Y Combinator, Redpoint, Sound Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, and Founders Fund. 

Dani has been featured in Yahoo! News, NBC News, MSN, and ABC News, among others.

Learn more about Dani Fontanesi at: FontanesiLegal.com.


“As a founder, entrepreneur, or business leader, it’s critical to have people you trust on your side. Dani and her team are dedicated to helping founders and startups succeed, and they provide the knowledge, insight, and guidances to make that happen.” – James Tamplin, CEO & Co-Founder of Google’s Firebase

 “Dani has been a real thought partner; her industry knowledge and business sense have been invaluable in informing our overall strategy.” – Debbie Lai, Co-CEO, Act Now Coalition, a data-driven organization founded by former Google executives and backed by the Schmidt Foundation.

“I’ve worked with a lot of attorneys in my career, you are among the best of them.” – Rajan Kapoor, Security at Material Security, Inc.

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